Game balls provided by Grand Slam.


USSSA Rules apply with the exception:

If a player gets sick  or injured lineup shrinks with no automatic out unless batting order shrinks below nine.

There are no ties in pool play, we will play California Rules with last batter out on second base with one out. No California Rules in Bracket play.

Bracket seeding is done in following order:  1-Head to Head, 2-Runs Allowed, 3-Run differential +/- max 8 , if three or more teams are tied head Only applies if one team beat them all, otherwise it’s Runs Allowed. If two teams are tied it’s head to head.

Game times are 1:45. Game time starts as home plate coaches meeting breaks. USSSA Pitching limits will apply in 2017 starting 4/7-9/17. Champ game times 1:45 hrs and sometimes rain times will be shortened to -1:30,  Should you request a refund from a tourney rained out and no games played, you will be given a credit to a future event.   Teams playing only 2 games will receive Zero refund. Teams only playing one game will be given a credit towards a future event.  Start time is first game pitch. 9U-12U play 6 innings & 13U-18U play 7innings/ Run  spreads are 9U-12U :15 after 3 & 8 after 4. & 13U-18u are 15 after 3, 12 after 4, & 8 after 5. Games are official after 2.5 innings for 9U-12U & 3.5 innings or 75 min for 13U-18U.

Any paid team backing out will be suspect to an admin fee of $100.00, no exceptions and the remaining funds credited to a future Grand Slam Event.  Any team that has already paid must request to be pulled from the event a week prior to event, after that time a credit towards a future Grand Slam event will be given, NO REFUND. Return checks have a $25 service charge. Any team pulling out after schedules have been sent out  will not receive a refund or credit. Teams are encouraged to find another Grand Slam event to transfer to should a date have a conflict.

Any entry that hasn’t been paid after 30 days of the event is subject to $150 charge added to the total due. If the debt continues After 60 days another $150 is added and continues to add every 60 days until paid in full.

Pool games tied after innings and time limit immediately go into California rule 2 innings  is max.  Rain delays and shortened game times may require no Cali rule doing pool play. There is never Cali in bracket play unless threatened by darkness in Champ Games.