2018 Spring/Summer Tournaments

USSSA Celebrating 50 Years!!  $275mp -$435, HS -$495-595

3/30-1/18 Opening Day Bettis Bash  9U-14U A,AA,AAA/Major

4/ 6-8/18.                                                                                              NIT Gold Glove Classic 8mp-14U A,AA,AAA/M Over 60 teams in 2017  Celebration Park, Raymore Rec,  Heritage Park 8mp=14U-ALL TEAMS ENTERING WILL RECEIVE 12 KC ROYALS TICKETS TO A FUTURE GAME.!

4/13-15 NIT Take Crown -1 /Mid America Sports Complex R/F & Raymore Recreation.  8mp-14U : ALL TEAMS ENTERING RECEIVE 12 ROYALS TICKETS TO A FUTURE GAME!

4/20-22  NIT Smoothie King  8mp-14U Big event 4 Gamer:Celebration Park, Heritage Park, Raymore Rec.

4/27-29 4 game Round Robin 8mp-14U Raymore Rec,, Blue Valley West HS A,AA,AAA/Major

5/4-6/18  NIT BUBBA STARLING BASEBALL : 8Mp-14U A,AA,AAA/Major Gardner Celebration Park, Raymore Rec, Heritage Park, Westside Park, Olathe

5/11-13 NIT SALVY TAKE THE CROWN 8mp-14U A,AA,AAA/M : Celebration Park, Blue Valley West HS, , Westside Park. Winning Teams receive 12 Royals Tickets.

5/18-20 Gold Glove Classic 2 Salina, KS 8mp-14U Bill Burke, East Crawford A,AA,AAA/M great event over 50 plus teams expected.

5/25-27 Holiday Bash 9U-14U A,AA Bettis Sports Complex, Raymore Recreation 7mp,8mp-14U COME PLAY THE TURF!!

6/1-3 Paola All Turf Paola High School 4 turf fields /  BV West High School 3 Fields Stadium Field included / Raymore Recreation / Heritage Park 4 Turf Fields 8mp-14U & HS 15,16,17

6/8-10 SWING FOR THE RINGS  Blue Valley West HS 3 fields including Stadium Field/ Raymore Recreation 7mp, 8mp-14U & High School 15,16,17

6/15-17 Wounded Warrior Raymore Recreation  & Blue Valley High School 7mp-14U & HSchool 15,16,17 (note no Missouri A/AA teams it’s State)

6/22-24 Raymore Rumble -only A/AA teams 7mp-14.

6/22-24 HIGH SCHOOL -LAROCHE Fort Scott’KS

6/29-31 Folds Of Honor 7mp-14U Raymore Recreation  Westside Park/ Heritage Park / Celebtation Park Gardner KS 6/29-31 13AAA/M & 14AAA/M

7/6-8 Summer Sizzler  9U-14U Celebration Park, Gardner ,Heritage Park/ Westside Park

7/13-15 Wood Bat HS Paola HS

7/20-22 HIGH SCHOOL SHOOTOUT Final Bettis Sports Complex & Washburn University HS 15,16,17